Private Placement Advisors  LLC


Private Placement Advisors LLC advises small businesses and start ups looking for investors. Since 2011 we have been an industry leader in providing Regulation D documentation and advisory services. We help design the best transaction structure and valuation. We write private placement memorandum and other offering documentation. We assist with SEC filings and state filings. We give clients access to our database of FINRA broker-dealers. We create custom 506(c investor portals. We advise on both Reg D and Reg A + offerings.

Our five stage schedule of services:

1) consult on pre-offering entity structure and proposed term sheet  

2) draft PPM, subscription agreement, other offering documents

3) file offering documents with SEC and state(s)

4) initiate 506(c, Reg A +, and Regulation S marketing programs

5) access FINRA broker dealer community and private equity resources 

Pre-Offering Consulting

We suggest the SEC exemption that maximizes efficiency and minimizes your state Blue Sky regulatory hurdles.

We discuss the differences between equity investors and debenture investors. 

We help:

  • price the shares
  • decide on common, preferred, or convertible notes
  • set the capitalization of the company
  • decide how many shares to issue in this offering
  • develop investor return models
  • explore marketing tactics and resources

A Tier 1 Grade Investor Portal can be critical to the success of an offering. This dedicated web portal can promote the offering while controlling access to your offering documents and managing the subscription process, including accredited investor verification.