Private Placement Advisors  LLC

JOBS Act Solutions

Private Placement Advisors LLC 

Need money for a marijuana real estate investment?


Want to use SEC Rule 506(c), Rule 504, or Regulation A? 

Our turnkey documentation includes:

·      Private Placement Memorandum with cannabis-specific “Risk Factors” and “Forward-Looking Statements”

·      Cannabis-specific subscription agreement

·      Accredited Investor Verification Letter

·      Non-Disclosure Agreement

Private Placement Advisors LLC provides JOBS Act solutions for cannabis commerce .

We show clients how to use Rule 506(b, Rule 506(c, Rule 504/SCOR, Reg A+ and EB-5 visa exemptions.

We draft verification letters. We distribute P2P pitch decks and crowdfunding pitch decks. We file with the SEC and state securities regulators on behalf of clients and thereafter keep the clients in compliance with periodic reporting requirements. 

Douglas Slain, managing partner, has managed the 1550-member LinkedIn State Securities Regulation discussion group for 6 years and he is the editor of the 15-volume Private Placement Handbook Series -- with print and audio editions.