Private Placement Advisors LLC 

advising on exempt offerings to find investors.  

Client Testimonials

I was impressed with the quality of the initial services and the continuing advice and support. I note we were going to do a 506(c until you showed us how to save money and time with an intrastate alternative. 

Anthony Anderson, CEO, Tahoe Media LLC

I  know I asked you why we should not just buy templates for a few hundred dollars a piece. Without you, we never would have learned a number of things, including why we needed custom-designed disclosures.

P. H. Hernandez, CEO, NorthShore Fund

What we liked about working with you is that you talked us out of doing an exempt offering!  When we needed $10 million for a real estate pool, you showed us how to avoid at least $12,500 in legal and other fees, and some time delay, by turning our long-term investors into "general partners for a specific purpose." 

Thornton Laney, President, Sonoma Group 

"We saved thousands of dollars and who knows how many hours when we retained Private Placement Advisors."

Saran Looken, Managing Partner, Lockline Properties

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