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Private Placement Memorandum

Real estate crowdfunding and other forms of syndication as a concept is not new. The JOBS Act supercharged this concept.


Not familiar with Real Estate and Legal terminologies? Check out our glossary page to understand your business dealings better.

Real Estate Crowdfunding

Real estate crowdfunding and other forms of syndication as a concept is not new. The JOBS Act supercharged this concept.

Going Public?

Time to take your company public? 

There are different advantages of going public. Mergers and acquisitions, higher valuations, and benchmark trading price are just a few of these advantages.

Choice of Entities

Most businesses start as sole proprietorships or partnerships. Most partnerships soon evolve into LLCs to take advantage of limited liability. Many businesses start out as LLCs and then change to a C or S corporations.

Investment Crowdfunding Gone Astray

Learn how not to do a Rule 506(c) offering. The following is a Private Placement Advisors-prepared abstract of a recent SEC order.

Going Public Sans Audited

Private Placement Advisors LLC can put a private company on the Pink Sheets by making their securities DTC eligible. We help companies go public via the OTC Pink Sheets without having to file 10Qs or 10Ks.

Demand Letters and Small Claims

Do you have someone who refuses to pay you for repairs you made to her car? A former landlord who won't return a security deposit? These are just two examples of claims or disputes that are resolved by the Hawaii small claims court. 

Confusion in Crowdfunding

What is equity crowdfunding? What is crowdfinancing? What is investment crowdfunding? What is equity and debt crowdfunding? What is the JOBS Act? Address your misconceptions and clear your confusions now.

Equity and Debt Offerings

There are two common types of securities that companies offer via a Regulation D: equity and debt. Read more to understand the differences.

Direct Public Offerings

If a business files a state level registration that includes a formal offering document, such as a SCOR disclosure statement, it can make an exempt 504 intrastate public offering in more than one state. Find our if your state accepts SCOR filing.

Regulation A+

Regulation A+ provides for two tiers of offerings. Regulation A+ may be used by companies organized and with a principal place of business in the United States or Canada. 

Secondary Market

The exempt offering secondary market, largely governed by Rule 144A, is growing rapidly. What is Rule 144A?

The Pink Sheets

The Pink Sheets represent pricing and financial information for the over-the-counter (OTC) securities marketsPink Sheets provide broker/dealers, issuers and investors with electronic and print information to improve transparency of the OTC markets.

Regulation S

Regulation S is a safe harbor that occurs when an offering of securities is deemed to come to rest abroad so as not to be subject to registration imposed under Section 5 of the Securities Act. Regulation S includes several safe harbor exemptions for specified transactions.

Real Estate Investment Trusts

The private placement Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) market is much larger than the registered traded and registered non-traded REIT market. Is a REIT for you?

Tier I versus Tier II

How do you qualify for Tier I and Tier II? Who is excluded from participating?

Rule 504/Small Company Offering Registration

The Small Company Offering Registration (“SCOR”) offers an optional method of registration that uses a question and answer disclosure document. There are several advantages to a SCOR registration.