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advising on exempt offerings to find investors.  

Know Douglas Slain

I am a retired Stanford-trained lawyer who specializes in guiding startups through their fundraising drill. I manage a 1500 plus member LinkedIn discussion group, State Securities Regulation. I served as the Secured Transactions Advisor to the Ministry of Economy for the Republic of Latvia as a ABA Rule of Law consultant, and for one semester I was an adjunct clinical law professor at Stanford Law School. 

After working as a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, I received a JD from Stanford Law School and an MA from the University of Chicago. I served as the chair of the American Bar Association’s largest professional responsibility committee. 

I retired to Hawaii in 2015 and now I work selectively to help small businesses identify and solicit sources of private equity using the JOBS Act, principally with Rule 506(c, but also Rule 504 (intrastate offerings) and Regulation S (foreign investors).

You can listen to one of my 14 audio law handbooks if you go to and click on “Private Placement Library.” 



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