Exempt Offerings  JOBS Act Solutions

advising on exempt offerings to find investors.  

Dear Colleague:

I help issuers raise early stage capital.

By making the best use of Rule 506(c, Regulation S, Rule 504, or Regulation A, l give issuers peace of mind in today's aggressive regulatory climate. 

I am the author of 19 audiobooks on JOBS Act exemptions and I am the founder/manager of the LinkedIn State Securities Regulation discussion group. 

I have been helping real estate developers solicit private capital with exempt offerings for over a decade. Now I work with issuers of all stripes. Want to use a Rule 506(c offering in tandem with an offshore Regulation S offering? It's the exemption de jour. 

Let's talk about getting you funded. It may cost less and take less time than you think.


After getting a JD from Stanford Law School and an MA from the University of Chicago, I practiced law in San Francisco. I later founded four national appellate law-reporting services now owned by Thomson-Reuters. I was a Rule of Law Consultant in Riga, Latvia, where I advised the Ministry of the Economy on secured transactions. I taught real estate transactions as a clinical adjunct law professor at Stanford Law School. 

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Exempt Offerings  JOBS Act Solutions


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