Private Placement Advisors LLC 

advising on exempt offerings to find investors.  

Services & Fees


Since 2011 Private Placement Advisors LLC has been an industry leader in providing exempt  documentation and advisory services. 


We custom draft a "Tier 1 Grade" exempt offering package, including PPM, investor suitability questionnaire, term sheet, subscription agreement, and other necessary documents. 

Why choose us?

First, we have years of experience doing this and we provide our clients with insights they may not get elsewhere. 

Second, all our documents meet the SEC’s highest standard for exempt offering disclosures, which is Form 1A, the same disclosure used in Tier 1 Regulation A+ offerings (under $20,000,000). These offering documents exceed the usual Regulation D disclosure requirements.  Only exempt offerings that meet the Tier 1 Grade can be offered by broker-dealers. 

We assist in the formation and approval of your SEC EDGAR account and in the issuance of your CIK number with the SEC. After the EDGAR information is filed, we draft and file a Form D with the SEC. While the offering is being executed, we make the necessary state filings. 

Third, we provide access to a suite of early stage capital resources including FINRA broker-dealer firms, private equity and private investment firms, and accredited investor platforms. 

Tier 1 Grade exempt offerings can be distributed by broker-dealers. 

Private Placement Advisors LLC provides advisory services for the preparation of Regulation D exempt private placement securities offerings. Since 2011, we have been an industry leader in providing Regulation D advisory services. In addition, we provide resources for the development of custom 506(c investor portals.

Our services matrix spans the entire spectrum of preparation and execution services for a Regulation D private placement securities offering--from defining transaction structure and valuation through development of a Private Placement Memorandum and other offering documents, assistance with related SEC filings, and access to our proprietary database of FINRA broker-dealers.


Fees:  $2500 Engagement Fee  
           $1500 Completion Fee 


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