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Crypto Fund using Regulation S

Posted on September 22, 2018 at 6:45 PM

A self-described “crypto-blockchain and ICO-focused investment research fund and media portal” has announced that its Regulation S securities token offering (STO) will begin shortly. The startup, XResearch, claims it is building a “community commons for crypto investors” offering institutional-quality research services and content. 

Token holders will be entitled to “institutional-quality research” and share in 5% of the equity of the company (all token holders in aggregate).

Using Regulation S, issuers can raise large amounts of capital with without the cost and delay of a Regulation D exemption, while purchasers benefit from the ability to resell in a secondary market.

Using either Rule 144 and Regulation S, issuers can use two separate exemptions for the same time period offering the same assets. Also, since a Regulation S issuer may make an offering within the U.S. to a “Qualified Institutional Buyer” (QIB) or to anyone outside the U.S., U.S. broker-dealers can purchase the securities and market them, whether or not any non-U.S. investors purchasing under them would qualify as QIBs, to large institutional buyers both inside and outside of the U.S.

Issuers using Regulation S can take advantage of the fact that the SEC and FINRA deem sales outside of the U.S to be regulated, whether or not those sales are in fact regulated. 

XResearch is led by Charles Wyman, who is working with Steven Wasserman, Barry Cohen, and Neil Benedict, among others.


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