Exempt Offerings  JOBS Act Solutions

advising on exempt offerings to find investors.  


Customized offering documents and filings with EDGAR and state regulators. 

  • $2,900 Rule 506(c 
  • $2,400 Rule 506(b 
  • $1,850 Rule 504 
  • $2,150 Regulation S  
  • $5,550 REIT 
  • $3,950 Regulation S                                                                                                                                   .
We draft professional grade, customized PPMs, Operating Agreements, White Papers, Purchase Agreements, Subscription Agreements, and other offering documents as required. We negotiate and draft term sheets. 

We advise on recent state securities regulations that may impact an issuer's offering in those states. We file the Form D with the SEC and then "notice files" the appropriate states as the offering rolls out.

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