Exempt Offerings  JOBS Act Solutions

advising on exempt offerings to find investors.  


Services include: 

Turnkey set of professionally-prepared offering documents. 

Interactions and filings with EDGAR, FINRA, SEC, state regulators, and foreign regulators.


Start-to-finish one-on-one coaching until funds are in escrow.

  • $3,900 Rule 506(c Offering
  • $3,400 Rule 506(b Offering
  • $2,850 Rule 504 Offering
  • $2,800 Regulation S Offering  
  • $1,200 Reg CF Offering
  • Negotiable fees for Blockchain Offerings

Why Private Placement Advisors?

Why Us?

We have years of experience helping issuers with Regulation D offerings. We have experience with Regulation S and Rule 506(c. Douglas Slain can provide you with insights you may not get elsewhere. Working with Douglas increases your chances of getting funded. He is the founder and manager of an 8 year-old LinkedIn State Securities Regulation discussion group. He is the author of 21 audio handbooks discussing different business models for everything from real estate to cannabis to blockchain to EB-5 to off shore hedge funds. 

In addition:

We assist you in the formation and approval of your SEC EDGAR account and in the issuance of a CIK number to your company. 

We file the Form D with the SEC and then notice file the appropriate states as the offering rolls out. 

We edit or rewrite or draft de novo your PPM, Operating Agreement, Purchase Agreement, Subscription Agreement, and other offering documents. This work product alone is usually worth at least $5,000 (which is what issuers pay large law firms for the same services). 

We draft a customized term sheet for each prospective investor.

We advise on recent relevant state securities regulators' hearings.

We draft and file the notice filings in the required states,


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