Exempt Offerings  JOBS Act Solutions

advising on exempt offerings to find investors.  

Services and Deliverables for Regulation D Offerings using Rule 506(b or Rule 506(c

Exempt Offering Package 

  • Review and advise on pre-offering entity structure and venue 
  • Review and advise on founders’ contractual relationships with each other and with others
  • Review or rewrite business plan and executive summary 
  • Draft or rewrite summary of business history
  • Draft or rewrite mission statement 
  • Draft 80 to 90-page PPM, comprehensively customized 
  • Draft 70 to 80-page Subscription Agreement with customized Subscriber Instructions and Investor Questionnaire 
  • Draft legend copy required by SEC, FINRA, and states' securities regulators
  • File Form D with the SEC
  • Identify suitable classes of investors
  • Draft customized term sheet for each prospective investor
  • Draft required accredited investor verification letters (one for each investor)
  • As requested participate in closings by conference call or Skype 
  • File Form D notice filings with state securities regulators 
  • Consult on a simultaneous or subsequent Regulation S offering 
  • Consult on a simultaneous or subsequent Reg Cf offering
  • Consult on using Rule 144 or Rule 144A in twelve months


  • 15 business days 


  • Negotiable. With each issuer-client we are dealing with a different fact pattern with different moving pieces. We normally charge $1,850 to get $2,400 to get an Exempt Offering Package ready for an issuer's prospective investors, usually requiring 25 to 30 billable hours. 

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