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advising on exempt offerings to find investors.  

The Pink Sheets represent pricing and financial information for the over-the-counter (OTC) securities markets. The information network is designed for market makers, issuers, brokers and OTC investors.

Pink Sheets enhance the efficiency of OTC trading, provide better executions for OTC investors, and improve the capital formation process for OTC issuers.

Up and through the early 1990's OTC stock bids and offers were printed on pink paper and distributed to stockbrokers and investment banks. Thus the term Pink Sheets.

Pink Sheets provide broker/dealers, issuers and investors with electronic and print information to improve transparency of the OTC markets.

Many well known companies trade on the Pink Sheets, such as Nestle, Rolls Royce, and Heineken.

Private Placement Advisors LLC can assist your company in becoming publicly traded on the Pink Sheets, Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board, NASDAQ, the American Stock Exchange or the New York Stock Exchange. 

Our Exempt Offerings Library includes books and audiobooks on crowdfunding, exempt offerings, and other topics.

Our monthly reporting service, Exempt Offerings Reporter, summarizes recent developments in the world of Blue Sky law and regulation. 

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